Get Hard Money Commercial
Loans With Bad Credit?

Historically, business owners turned to hard money commercial loans whenever poor credit disqualified them with traditional lenders.

But what about today… after the credit crunch of 2008? Here's…

Your Question

Can I still get a hard money commercial loan in today's market with bad credit?

Real Answer

Can I still get a hard money commercial loan in today's market with bad credit?


The primary concern for the hard money lender is not your personal credit. Instead, their focus is the income and equity associated with the property securing the loan.

However, with the recent credit crunch in full force the bar for what is considered “poor” credit is changing.

More and more applications are from those who’ve been turned down despite having average to good credit scores.

Even hard money lenders don't have bottomless pockets. They only have so much money to lend.

They’re lending their limited dollars to these average and good credit borrowers first. This is particularly true when the income and equity in the property match their underwriting guidelines.

Compound this with the natural economic laws of supply and demand and we now see a decrease in how often poor credit borrowers qualify for hard money loans.

If you have poor credit and want to apply for a hard money loan, go ahead. Just make sure it's with a reputable direct hard money lender.

In the meantime I encourage you to spend some time and energy repairing your personal credit and your business credit.

I know this sounds like bad news but let's look at it another way.

You can still qualify for these loans, despite poor credit, particularly if the property is cash flowing well.

An A+ credit borrower alone, can't compete with the value of a good property with sufficient cash flow and equity.

Even if you do get turned down, remember that hard money loans are expensive and very short-term.

You could be doing yourself a favor by slowing down,

Using alternatives to finance your business, and

Building these all important factors first…

  • Your personal credit

  • Your business credit

  • Your equity

  • Your merchant account credit card sales

  • Your account receivables

So, the real answer again is yes!

You can get hard money loans despite bad credit when you have a solid property with sufficient equity and cash flow.

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