Business Factoring Gives You Control of Your Own Cash Flow!

Could you benefit from a little hidden financial product known as business factoring?

A few knowledgeable business owners are aware of the advantages. But often the folks who need it the most know little if anything about it.

If you’re looking at your business bank account with fear or anxiety, it may be because of back taxes that are due, difficulty meeting payroll, or some other critical obligation. Knowing that you’re owed money on previous claims or invoices can certainly contribute to this anxiety.

You’ve done the hard work. Now you’re just waiting to get paid. And while you’re waiting, bills are getting behind and the anxiety about meeting payroll and other obligations is mounting.

If only your clients or payors would understand your predicament and simply send you the money they owe you! Then your cash flow problem would be solved and you’d be able to compensate your vendors, employees, and debtors.

But it’s not as simple as calling them up, explaining your situation and trusting they’ll understand and act accordingly. You just can’t force their hand. So then, doesn’t the anxiety start to lead to a feeling of helplessness or worse?

If this scenario sounds familiar, take heart. There‘s good reason to feel empowered by the opportunities you have to make choices and decisions about your own cash flow.

Also, you are far from alone. Below is a list of just some industries that commonly have cash flow challenges because the very nature of the business forces them to wait 30 days or longer for payment:

  • All Medical Entities

  • Trucking

  • Construction

  • Distribution

  • Energy Oil and Gas

  • Temporary Staffing

  • High Tech

  • Safety and Security

  • Government

  • Contracting

  • Marine

  • Printing

  • Janitorial

  • And more

Here’s the good news. There are solutions available for you to get the money owed to you right now?

At, we have relationships with financiers who will advance up to 85% of the money owed to you (accounts receivables) by means of business factoring.

So let’s take some time to talk about what you can do regardless of the behavior and timetables of your clients/payors by answering…

Your Questions

How can I get the money owed to me (account receivables) right now?

What exactly is business factoring?

How does it work?

Real Answers

How can I get the money owed to me (accounts receivables) right now?

Just like with anything else, there’s more than one way to get the job done.

Have heard this saying? “You’ll catch more bees with honey.” It simply means you will find a better result when you display kindness.

With that in mind, you could improve your collections by building a better relationship with your clients/payors.

For example, you could provide incentives and discounts for clients/payors that pay quickly. Also, to build a stronger relationship, if appropriate, you could…

  • Contact them for more than just collections.

  • Provide a free service or product that may add value to their operation.

  • Send them kind reminders about payments due.

The above actions would likely improve your ability to collect on your account receivables right now. There’s just one problem though.

It still leaves the control of your business in the hands of others. The same “others” who contributed to this cash flow problem in the first place. Ultimately, clients/payors may or may not choose to pay on the invoice or claim in a timely manner.

To change the whole dynamic so that you are in control of your own cash flow, business factoring is a viable solution. You no longer have to sit down, twiddle your thumbs, and wait.

What exactly is business factoring?

Although it may look and feel like a line of credit, it’s actually not a business loan at all. Instead, it boils down to this simple concept…

Essentially, our capital provider gives you cash NOW for money you would receive LATER. They do this by means of purchasing (cash now) your account receivable invoices or claims (money you’d receive later).

Small business factoring thereby allows you to take control of your own cash flow!

Once upon a time, large companies were the only ones in a position to leverage this option. Our relationship with cash providers is now opening up this option for small to mid-sized businesses as well.

How does it work?

Let’s use the example of someone in a medical business. Like a doctors’ office, home health care agency, or a nursing home that has Medicare or Medicaid as a payor.

Medical businesses can often wait 30 to 120 days for payment; and in some cases even longer.

In this example, they are billing Medicaid about $200,000 monthly but collecting significantly less within a thirty day period. In the meantime, the outstanding bill due to them is growing and growing and growing.

When we meet with them, their outstanding accounts receivables are a whopping $800,000 that they really don’t know when they’ll receive.

If this were your business, how would that affect your ability to…

  • Function and remain operational?

  • Pay your employees?

  • Pay your creditors?

  • Pay your taxes?

A problem indeed!

On the other hand, what if one of our capital providers advanced you 80% or $640,000 of the outstanding bill and they waited for the money instead of you?

Now, because of business factoring, you would be in a position to…

  • Cover all of your business expenses and obligations

  • Accept more clients

  • Grow your operation and

  • Ultimately increase your bottom line

To find out if business factoring is right for you, feel free to Contact Us.

Be certain to request answers to any and all of your questions.

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