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If you're seeking business loans to finance more building space, more land, new equipment or inventory, more employees, or something else...

But you don't want to deal with red tape, outrageous fees, or the chance of being turned down...

I would like to show you how you can get business loans with far less hassle, no hidden costs, and in less time than you could expect from traditional banks.

I'll also help you understand how lenders grade your business. That way you'll know if you'll get approved BEFORE you ever apply.

The good news is that no matter your situation, you can qualify for business and/or commercial loans!

You could just walk into a lender’s office, fill out the forms, close your eyes tight, and cross your fingers.

Or, you could get multiple lenders to raise their hands high and cry...

“Pick me! Pick me!”

Raised Hands aerial view

When you get multiple lenders to raise their hands for your business, you ultimately put yourself in a position to choose your own rate and terms.

If these ideas sound good to you, then you've come to the right place.

You'll find our Table of Contents just below at the bottom of this page.

Or you could check out the Sitemap for better navigation.

Here you'll find real answers to some of the most challenging questions posed by business owners today.

You know, questions like...

Your Questions

  • “Why did I get turned down?

  • “How can I make sure that the lender likes me?”

  • “How can I get approved BEFORE I even walk into the lender’s doors?”

As a commercial loan officer who's sat on both sides of the closing table, I'll give you real answers to these questions and more. You'll benefit from my experience and the knowledge of other experts in the industry.

Together we've helped countless others including my own family members to secure business loans.

This website will walk you through the process first hand just as well as if you were my very own brother or sister.

So read along as we guide you step by step on the most beneficial way for you to get the business loans that you need.

Let's do this together. You'll learn things like...

  • What to do to get the loan and what not to do!

  • Pre-Qualify. What does it really mean?

  • When and where to apply?

  • 5 Alternative ways to finance a business venture!

  • How a lender sees you and your business!

  • How to put a loan package together.

  • Under-writing guidelines you can’t afford to forget!

And so much more.

Be determined. Don't give up until the cash you need is in your bank account.

Soon the murky waters of getting loans for your business will clear up as you navigate through www.guide-to-business-loans.com. Come now, let's get started…

Real Answers

Business Loans Revealed...
Need business loans? Looking for some real guidance? You've come to the right place.
Applying For Commercial Business Loans? Here's 8 Things You Need To Know First.
Commercial business loans closed… 2 points. Understanding the fine print... Priceless!
Build Business Credit to Your Success
Build business credit! Why? Because it’s an all-in-one solution to securing business loans.
Hard Money Business Loans - Good For You?
Some might look to hard money business loans as a solution to a denial letter. Beware. They can be a blessing or a curse.
Government Small Business Loans – Real Answers
Government small business loans may be your very best bet yet! Could you benefit from these built in advantages?
The Merchant Account Cash Advance is Easier. Faster. Better?
A merchant account cash advance is easier and faster than a traditional business loan. But is it best for you?
Business Factoring – The Unknown Solution to Slow Payments
Business factoring is like money in the bank within the hour. If all your receivables were paid today, how would that affect your business?
Bad Credit And Business Loans Don't Have To Be Enemies!
When you know your options bad credit and business loans can fit together like a hand and glove. The right alternatives could protect you from paying high interest rates.
Secured Business Loans Yield Satisfied Lenders and Happy Borrowers.
Can you get secured business loans? These practical answers will get you to your lender’s wallet.
Real Unsecured Business Loan Solutions
An unsecured business loan is likely the best choice for any and every business owner. So be sure to qualify for all you can.
Need a Fast Business Loan? Get the Facts First.
A fast business loan is possible to obtain. But when you really need money fast, banks may be the last place you want to be found.
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When Closing Now! On Your Commercial Loan is the Only Option
Are you aging, with your hands tied, just waiting for another boring update on your commercial loan? Yawn. When all you really want to know it the date and time to show up at the closing? If you can't wait another minute to close...

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Here's How to Get Commercial Funding Without...

  • Waiting Months on End to Close
  • Paying $1,500 or More in Unnecessary Non-Refundable Fees &
  • Without the Increasing Chance of Rejection

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