Build Business Credit
and Watch the
Funding Roll Right In

One of the most effective ways to qualify for business loans is to build business credit.

It can help with securing…

  • a credit card for miscellaneous expenses

  • a line of credit with a supplier

  • a commercial property

No matter what business you’re in, it’s likely just a matter of time before you’ll want to borrow money.

Yet, few actually take the steps to successfully build their business credit.

Why not?

Here are some of the roadblocks that stand in the way.

  • Not understanding how important it is to the future of your business

  • Not knowing how to build it

  • Not following each step through to precise detail

  • Lack of money needed to hire professionals to assist

These are standing in the way of real people just like you and me. Real people, with real families and real dreams.

Preventing them from getting the funding they need to improve themselves and their business.

So, we’ve decided to do something about it. We intend to educate you and help you through any roadblocks. That way, you can get the funding you need.

Do you have questions or concerns when it comes to building business credit?

Your Questions

What exactly is business credit and how does it affect me?

Is it really necessary to build business credit?

If building business credit is so effective, why isn’t everyone doing it?

How exactly do I build business credit?

Real Answers

What exactly is business credit and how does it affect me?

Business credit is the credit profile of your business.

When built right, it’s completely separate from your personal credit profile.

So? What’s the big deal about that?

Well, have you ever been told by a creditor that you need a co-signer to qualify or to improve your interest rate on a loan?

Just think of your business credit profile as your very own personal
co-signer on steroids

  • With an A++ credit rating

  • Ready, willing, and able to take on all of the risk for you

  • Available at your beck and call

  • And just anxious for an opportunity to sign on a loan

Sound too good to be true? But is it? Let’s see.

Here’s a few considerations…

  • Lenders extend more credit to businesses than to home owners, real estate investors, and all other borrowers combined

  • If choosing between a 660 credit borrower and a 650 credit borrower with good established business credit, lenders will always choose the borrower with established business credit

  • When you establish business credit properly, many lenders don’t even require personal guarantees at all!

It’s true. In fact, thousands are taking advantage of the benefits of strong business credit. It’s commanding the attention and respect of lenders nationwide.

Hence, whether you choose to build business credit or not, you are affected.

Is it really necessary to build business credit?

These two primary benefits make it practically a requirement for all business owners seeking financing.

  • #1. Money Saving Opportunities and

  • #2. Ability to Borrow Without a Personal Guarantee

1.) Money Saving Opportunities and The Tale of Two Borrowers…

Once upon a time, in a far away bank, two borrowers crossed paths.

These two business owners were financial twins in all areas except one.

They both had B+ credit scores of 660. Both had been in business for 4 years and both could boast positive income on their financial statements.

But only one of them had chosen to build business credit. As would be expected, they both got approved for a line of credit. But little about the terms of their loans were alike.

Let’s take a look at an apples to apples comparison…

Loan TermsRegular Business OwnerBuild Business Credit Owner
Loan Amount$100,000$125,000
Term14 year simple interest13 year simple interest
Interest Rate13.757.25
Total Interest Paid$28,299$16,490
Personal GuaranteeYesNo

Did you notice the big differences between the two? Did you see the tremendous money saving opportunity?

The Build Business Credit Owner…

  • Got approved for more dollars

  • Got a lower interest rate

  • Paid $11,809 fewer interest dollars despite the higher loan amount and shorter term! And

  • Did all of the above without a personal guarantee!!!

Can you see yourself receiving similar benefits?

If so, then building your business credit is an absolute necessity!

2.) Ability to Borrow Without a Personal Guarantee

The Build Business Credit Owner didn’t have to sign a personal guarantee. Here a sample of what that means…

  • The loan won’t show up on his personal credit report.

  • His ability to leverage himself and borrow more, now and in the future, is much stronger than the regular guy.

  • If he happens to go out of business, he’s is not personally responsible for paying the loan back!!!

These are so huge, they’re worth reading again! So please do so now. I’ll wait.

More information on what it means to be able to borrow without personal guarantees is available here.

But if building business credit is so effective, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Regretfully, most don’t understand how building business credit will benefit them in the future.

Many who do understand, are not willing to go through the tedious process.

It’s no walk in the park. It requires a commitment to see each phase, step, and task through to completion.

Click here to learn more about building business credit and what it takes.

How exactly do I build business credit?

So you understand that it’s a necessity. And you’re ready and willing to do what it takes. There’s only one problem. You don’t know how.

There are 3 Phases with multiple associated steps and tasks.

If you click here, you’ll find an outline detailing how to build it…

Just contemplating all of the phases, steps and tasks at a glance may seem completely overwhelming.

So it’s important to ask yourself some difficult questions like…

  • Am I willing to stick to this process step by step until I see the desired results?

  • Do I believe this process will work for me as it has for thousands of other business owners? If not, why not?

  • Am I serious about overcoming any roadblocks that may surface?

  • Am I willing to see each phase, step and task through to completion?

If you answered “no,” to any of the above questions, consider spending more time pondering this subject.

Contemplate, “What really is holding me back?” Once you identify the true roadblocks, pulverize them with a determination to shake hands with your business credit building success.

If you answered “yes” to all the above questions, then you’re on your way to receiving all the good that business loans have to offer.

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