Desiring Unsecured Business Loan Benefits?

There's something very special about unsecured business loans. They make for very happy borrowers.

Business owners find great comfort in knowing that their personal homes and other valuable assets are safe.

They don’t stand the risk of being seized if the world of business hits them so that they can no longer afford the monthly payments.

Of course to lenders it's not such a happy ball of wax.

They have little recourse other than the ability to report negative feedback to the credit bureaus.

Even still they have no collateral to guarantee getting their money back.

Interestingly enough though, the very people who need them most often are the least knowledgeable about them.

How can you improve your chances of qualifying? It all starts with understanding what they're really all about.

You’ll also want to know what to expect when you apply and how you can make sure you qualify for the very most that you can.

Here are some common questions that business owners like yourself have asked in an effort to understand them more fully.

Your Questions

  • What is an unsecured business loan and how does it differ from a secured one?
  • What are the advantages of an unsecured business loan?
  • What are the disadvantages? Can I avoid them? How?
  • What can I expect from lenders when I apply? What are they going to focus on?
  • What is the most I can qualify for?

Real Answers

What is an unsecured business loan and how does it differ from a secured one?

The simplest explanation I can give you is that the unsecured loan is not secured against the borrower's assets while a secured one is.

Examples of unsecured business loans include:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an unsecured business loan?

As mentioned, the main reason borrowers love unsecured business loans is because they don't have to worry about losing their assets if they happen to default on the loan.

Another advantage is that lenders are less inclined to limit and define what you can use the money on.

For example,

  • Student loans can only be spent on tuition
  • Auto loans can only be spent on cars
  • Equipment loans can only be spent on equipment and etc.

Thankfully, with an unsecured business loan you can spend the money on practically anything you want as long as it has to deal with the business. You can use the money for:

  • Purchasing equipment
  • Remodeling
  • Expanding the business
  • Marketing
  • Opening a new office
  • Paying off taxes
  • And more.

What are the disadvantages? Can I avoid them? How?

Disadvantages include …

These built in features appease lenders in exchange for the lack of collateral.

The best way to avoid these disadvantage is to become the best borrower you can be.

Do this by …

Follow the suggestions provided on this website. And qualifying for these loans will become the least of your worries. We’ll keep giving you real answers, tips and suggestions on how to do all of the above.

What can I expect from lenders when I apply? What are they going to focus on?

A Focus on Personal Credit

You can really present well when you understand what a lender’s focus is.

How do you dress on the day you know you’re going to walk into a lender’s office and request a loan? I hope you dress your best.

But lenders are really much more concerned about your financial health and credit picture than they are about the name brand of your shoes.

Impress them! Floor them! Wow them! With your personal credit. The links below will teach you how to do just that by…

Improving your…

This alone could get you a vault full of unsecured credit.

What is the most I can qualify for?

By asking this question, you acknowledge that there might be a limit to how much credit is actually available and waiting around with your name on it.

This is a great start because some have poor credit, no income, and no business stability but still want a significant loan.

To lenders these type of borrowers may seem to have their hands open at a soup kitchen hoping for a free meal. To make matters worse, they believe they qualify for an unlimited amount of money.

It's reasonable to acknowledge that there is a limit to how much you can borrow, but how can you increase that limit?

A 25% rule that's reviewed when underwriting an unsecured small business loan may indeed limit the total amount you qualify for. To learn more about it, click here.

You may also want to know how to calculate the monthly payment on any unsecured line of credit that you take on.

Do you have other questions about unsecured Business Loans?

Feel free to ask at the Business Loan Express Contact Us Page.

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