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Dear Business Owner,

Guide to business loans.com was created because I saw a need for empowering business owners who are seeking financing.

Just take a look around at the financing community as a whole.

Who is actually taking the business owner by the hand and teaching them the back end and inner workings of the lending industry, how it works, and how they are affected?

It just seems to be a big fat secret. Shhhhhhhh.

Why the mystery?

Why not just give the people the facts so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their business?

Also, more often than not, people are encouraged to just “Apply Now.”

How dis-empowering.

The idea is, give me all of your information. Your name, date of birth, social security number, your mother’s maiden name, your DNA!

Talk about “getting into your business.”

But when you ask a lender a simple question like,

What’s the interest rate going to be?


Why did I get turned down?

You’re faced with the epitome of vagueness and ambiguity.

The answer is something like, “We don’t quote rates. We need all of your information first, before we can give you anything.”


“Because of something on your credit report. But we don’t have the guts to tell you in person exactly what it was that we didn’t like. So, we sent you a vague letter in the mail instead.”

While it is true that lenders can’t truly predict your interest rate, I feel, they can at least do a better job of explaining why.

They can at least spend some time educating you on how you can get approved and how you can qualify for the best possible rate and terms.

Unsatisfied with the information available I decided that Guide-to-Business-Loans.com could provide the information that was missing.

What information was that? You guessed it.

Real Answers to Your Questions about business loans.

Simple enough.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m highly motivated to help you.

I have a tremendous sense of love and respect for any and everyone in business. I know the struggle all too well.

You see, my parents started in business just before I was born because they had a dream for themselves and their children.

I remember…

  • Their business conversations

  • Being at the office with them until late in the night

  • Their worries about meeting payroll

  • Their dreams to purchase their own space

  • Their strong desire to grow and expand

I remember how at such a tender age I wished more than anything that I could help them. Give them what they needed to succeed.

Fast forward.

Today I still have that burning desire to help. Having a business of my own, I have such a deeper understanding of their struggles back then.

The foundation they set for me, has allowed me to have access to so many opportunities that I otherwise may not have accomplished.

What joy it brings to my heart when I can help you to get the financing you need to reach your dreams.

Every time we help you get the money you need, I still feel the goose bumps on my skin as I contemplate all of the jobs and opportunities that are saved or created.

It’s from a deep sense of satisfaction, knowing that you’re one step closer to realizing your WOW Income dreams.

It’s that satisfaction that will keep Guide-to-Business-Loans.com pushing for you.

We’ll keep teaching, training, empowering, and guiding you every step of the business loan way.

Wishing you and yours all the best,

Katie Robinson of Guide-to-Business-Loans.com

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