A Hard Money Business Loan Secured by Inventory or Equipment?

Can I get a hard money business loan secured by inventory or equipment?

Real answer

Can I get a hard money business loan secured by inventory or equipment?

Although you may not be tickled pink by what I’m about to say, I still have to give you the facts.

By definition a hard money loan must include real estate as collateral.

But why? Because these lenders take on risks that no other lenders are willing to carry. As a result, the ONLY collateral that's attractive to these lenders is…

You got it…

Equity in a property!

Okay, okay enough of reality. Let’s talk about some good news.

A hard money loan can be secured by residential or commercial property. This allows you to choose from practically any property that you own or want to purchase.

Also, remember that one of the benefits of hard money is that it’s quick. Right? Tell me something.

Isn’t that what you really want? Money for your business right now. Like yesterday would be great!

Well then here's more good news. Fast funding options are available to everyone and that includes you. But how? Drum-roll please…

By means of merchant cash advances!

Consider using your inventory and equipment to build up your merchant account credit card sales. It’s important because these cash advances have similar benefits. You can get them…

  • Quickly (Within 10 days)

  • Despite poor credit, and

  • Without a long income history.

There is plenty more information available about a merchant account cash advance right here.

To sum it all up, you must use real estate as collateral for hard money loans.

But you can still enjoy the benefits of a hard money loan on inventory or equipment through merchant cash advances.

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