Lost About How to Qualify for  Commercial Real Estate Loans …

But Tired of Throwing Away Your Money Every Month by Renting Commercial Property?

Before you apply for commercial real estate loans, here are 4 of the most important things you should know:

Credit Score Isn’t Everything

A+ credit is always a good thing, but it’s not a requirement to qualify for commercial real estate loans.

With our products, income and equity of the property can be enough to get the deal done.

We know that tons of good borrowers have been negatively impacted by the recession.  We've seen credit scores in the low 500's or worse.

Even if your score is low and the property isn't doing that well either, we may be able to look at assisting you in securing a loan modification on your commercial property. 

Tax Returns May Not Be Required Upfront

Most banks will deny if you don’t show positive income on you tax returns for the past 2 years. 

Worse, they won’t tell you why your application was rejected. 

We have products that focus on the income of the property, not just your personal financials.

So, even if you opened your doors yesterday, we have some niche commercial loan products made with you in mind. 

Quality Pictures Could Save You $ Hundreds

When you take the time to send the lender quality pictures, they get an accurate view of the property upfront.

This could save you well over $1,500.  How?  Imagine paying for a MIA certified commercial appraisal which often can run up to $5,000 depending on the property type.

You tell the lender a good story about the property. But when the appraiser comes out, the lender finds out something they don't like about the property. 

They can turn you down for not disclosing the matter upfront.

Yes, with simple quality pictures you can protect yourself from a surprise turn down AFTER you’ve paid for the appraisal.

There is More Than One Way to Secure Your Down Payment

With lenders requiring down payments from 10% to 40%, you may need creative ways to secure your down payment.

While most lenders won’t take a second look at a borrower without a sufficient down payment, we will assist you in raising the capital.

Here's a few options we may pursue:

Find out More on How to Qualify Before You Apply

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