Establish Business Credit And Find Protection From The Storm

Among the most significant benefits you receive when you establish business credit is the fact that you can start as many business credit files as you like.

(I should mention that it is just one of many. You can check out this chart where we compare personal credit to business credit… by clicking here if you’d like to learn more about

the many benefits of establishing business credit.)

So what?

What’s the big deal about being able to establish as many credit files as you want? Here’s…

Your Question:

How can the ability to establish as many business credit profiles as I want, protect me in times of financial strain?

Real Answer

How can the ability to establish as many business credit profiles as I want, protect me in times of financial strain?

Here are a couple examples that you may already be familiar with.

You’ve heard of Donald Trump and Walt Disney right?

Are you aware that both were once in a position where they used the benefits of having established business credit to their extreme advantage?

It was during times when they were beset by some of the most difficult financial times you could imagine?

Both Trump and Disney had a COMPANY that filed for bankruptcy at some point. Notice that they did not have to personally file for bankruptcy.

Nope, instead, their company filed. A company that had established business credit and was therefore completely separate from their personal credit filed.

So let’s talk about how this works for a minute.

When a company files for bankruptcy…

If that company has taken the steps to properly establish business credit…

Then the bankruptcy (or lein or judgment) leaves its owners’ personal credit clean!

That owner can then…

  • Start a new company

  • Build that new company’s business credit so that it stands alone

  • Get a fresh brand new start!

If Donald and Disney benefitted from this, certainly you can to. Ideally, your business will never have to deal with this type of unfortunate event.

But in case it does, having built your business credit will serve as a major shock absorber, cushion, and protector for you personally.

To learn how to properly establish business credit and enjoy this protective benefit...

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